Love Is A Strange Thing

By Kim Morrison

A lot of people, including my mother and father, could not understand what I saw in my wife. Most thought that she was not good enough for me or good enough to me or too old for me, but for all those years she stood by my side through all our ups and downs and despite my mother and father’s dislike of her at times. Whether people understand it or not she was not only a part of my life, but my soul. I love my wife Arleen and miss her more than anyone could imagine. I knew she was the one I would eventually marry after our first date or I should say breakfast at 3 AM in the morning at a diner in Catskill, New York. After a night of drinking neither of us had much money, so we pooled what we had and ate a little and talked until daybreak sometimes saying what the other was thinking before they said it. We both laughed about that and I said I think we have something here what do you think? With a grin she said yeah, I think so too, and it was not long after that I our life together began.

     Love is a strange thing because there is no script, no understanding of why you fall in love with this one or that one, and chances are you will not fall in love with someone that will meet with everyone’s expectations or approval and that certainly was the case with us. When people talk about what is important in a relationship, they always say love or trust, but what they rarely mention is one of the most important parts of relationship and that is conversation. Being able to communicate with your partner about anything and everything will be what preserves your relationship throughout the years because some important things will waver, but conversation can never waver because it answers the questions and is the cure for any doubt you may have in your partner. It is the difference between a relationship lasting a few years and one like ours that lasted thirty-five years, so when people ask me what I miss about my wife I say I miss talking to her every day, I miss the sound of her voice, and I miss knowing she is out there. Yes, I wish I could hug and kiss her once more, hold her hand and look into those enchanting big beautiful hazel brown almond shaped eyes that captured my heart oh so many years ago, but what causes my tears now is not being able to talk to my friend, my partner, the woman who often drove me crazy that I have loved for decades and still love to this day.  

This was written in memory of my late wife Arleen Lois Morrison     

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I have been writing quite a number of years. I have been published numerous times and I have won several writing awards throughout the years. I won one for poetry just last year from a state contest through my college, the College of Central Florida. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from that same college in 2015 with a degree in Mass Communications. I now have a BA in Psychology from Saint Leo University and I am working on a Masters in Forensic Psychology at SNHU.

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