Original canvas painting by the Rising Star herself and the poem she inspired

The young girl that inspired my poem “The Rising Star” also called “A poem for Mia” done this painting on canvas to go with the piece. Now you all now why I called this talented kid a “Rising Star”

100rising start

The Rising Star

(A Poem for Mia)

As I look up into the vast darkness

gazing at the celestial masterpiece

adorning the clear night sky,

my eyes scan the heavenly bodies

in search of not the well known,

but for the one yet to become.

The quaint unassuming star

hidden in a forest of brilliance

unknowingly unique by design,

unaware of its own potential,

and uncertain of its own place

in the divine scheme of light.

Only the discerning eye can see

this spectacle of light waiting to be.

The captivating glimmer of promise

from afar of a unknown rising star.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,”

wonder not what you are,

but all you dream to be.