Love’s Journey

Two glistening bodies writhing torridly

on sparkling white sand under a lover’s beckoning moon

savagely captured in the intertwining vines

of surrendering passion and unquenchable lust

rocking to the penetrating rhythm of the waves

lashing against the surf in endless repeat

hopelessly adrift on the sea of their own love

swept away by the emotional vitriol of a tide within

living only in the torrent of now not knowing  or caring

what the breaking light of dawn will bring.

Will the loving hands of destiny scoop our lovers up

and hold them securely against her breasts,

or will they be snared in the treacherous

whirlpool of deception and spiral helplessly downward?

Will their love be a enduring living masterpiece for all to admire and emulate,

or will it be a frozen monument to what once was forever to dwell in love’s abyss?

With their frail hands clasped together two aging lovers walk along a moonlit beach

remembering a night long ago when their desires caressed the sand under their feet

forever mindful of the divine intervention that helped them along life’s perilous journey.

Published by


I have been writing quite a number of years. I have been published numerous times and I have won several writing awards throughout the years. I won one for poetry just last year from a state contest through my college, the College of Central Florida. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from that same college in 2015 with a degree in Mass Communications. I now have a BA in Psychology from Saint Leo University and I am working on a Masters in Forensic Psychology at SNHU.

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