The Actress

Behind the theatres locked doors

a small stage stands silently longing.

Its curtains flung open wide,

like arms yearning a lovers embrace.

A young actress has left her impression.

Her poised foot steps are still felt

on the creaky, but stout set floor.

Her lilting laugh lingers in the air,

like cigarette smoke in a tavern.

The sincere inflections of her voice

bounce off the walls in endless repeat

each echo more beautiful than the last.

For now, she has bid this theatre farewell

in search of new roles on a larger stage.

Yes, she ought to be in pictures.

No part is too big, or too small.

Perhaps…Someday…If there is truth in destiny,

she will captivate the hearts of millions.

Behind the theatres locked doors

a small stage remembers with a smile

the days it held a star on the rise.

I wrote this years ago for an aspiring young actress that I did a stage play with at the Citrus County Art League. The play was “I ought to be in pictures,” and the young lady played the part of my daughter. The italicized lines in the poem were two of her lines as well as part of the title play.

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I have been writing quite a number of years. I have been published numerous times and I have won several writing awards throughout the years. I won one for poetry just last year from a state contest through my college, the College of Central Florida. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from that same college in 2015 with a degree in Mass Communications. I now have a BA in Psychology from Saint Leo University and I am working on a Masters in Forensic Psychology at SNHU.

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