Why me God?

                          Why must you call me home now?

                          This is not fair.

                          This can’t be right.

                          I want more life.

                       Why can’t I have another tomorrow?

                       Why me God?

                          I have endured what was dealt to me.

                          I have suffered.

                          I have felt loss and sorrow.

                          I am no stranger to pain.

                       Why can’t I have another tomorrow?

                       Why me God?

                          I know I am no Saint.

                          I know I am not perfect.

                          I did the best I could.

                          I always tried to do the right thing.

                       Why can’t I have another tomorrow?

                        Why me God?

                            My time here was way to brief.

                            Why can’t I stay a little longer?

                            My family still needs me.

                            Why do you summon me now?

                         Why can’t I have another tomorrow?

                         Why me God?

                             Why can’t I have another tomorrow?

                              No more pain to endure

                              Unconditional love

                              Absolute freedom

                          Oh God! …Now I see the light.

Love’s Journey

Two glistening bodies writhing torridly

on sparkling white sand under a lover’s beckoning moon

savagely captured in the intertwining vines

of surrendering passion and unquenchable lust

rocking to the penetrating rhythm of the waves

lashing against the surf in endless repeat

hopelessly adrift on the sea of their own love

swept away by the emotional vitriol of a tide within

living only in the torrent of now not knowing  or caring

what the breaking light of dawn will bring.

Will the loving hands of destiny scoop our lovers up

and hold them securely against her breasts,

or will they be snared in the treacherous

whirlpool of deception and spiral helplessly downward?

Will their love be a enduring living masterpiece for all to admire and emulate,

or will it be a frozen monument to what once was forever to dwell in love’s abyss?

With their frail hands clasped together two aging lovers walk along a moonlit beach

remembering a night long ago when their desires caressed the sand under their feet

forever mindful of the divine intervention that helped them along life’s perilous journey.


Behind the “Nanu nanu”

Behind the “Good Morning Vietnam!”

Behind the “Oh Captain, my Captain!”

Behind the “run-by fruiting”

Behind the “Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.”

Behind the unique uncompromising

larger than life talent that spoke these words.

Behind the seemingly unstoppable awe inspiring

comedic genius of our time.

Behind the man who

with a single facial expression or a few words

could leave us weakened, breathless,

and teary eyed from laughter.

Behind the brilliant quick thinking comedian

who captured our hearts and souls

in the rapture of a chaotic form of humor

that never failed to eclipse expectation.

Behind this kind endearing well loved soul

who touched so many with his presence

was a man haunted by a demon

that many still refuse to accept or acknowledge.

Behind the echoes of laughter and makeup

of our most prolific clowns

there can exist a sadness so deep and profound

as to be beyond tears reach.

Behind any door standing just out of our view

could be a beast called depression laying in wait

to steal the laughter from our ears and the joy from our hearts.