Behind the “Nanu nanu”

Behind the “Good Morning Vietnam!”

Behind the “Oh Captain, my Captain!”

Behind the “run-by fruiting”

Behind the “Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck.”

Behind the unique uncompromising

larger than life talent that spoke these words.

Behind the seemingly unstoppable awe inspiring

comedic genius of our time.

Behind the man who

with a single facial expression or a few words

could leave us weakened, breathless,

and teary eyed from laughter.

Behind the brilliant quick thinking comedian

who captured our hearts and souls

in the rapture of a chaotic form of humor

that never failed to eclipse expectation.

Behind this kind endearing well loved soul

who touched so many with his presence

was a man haunted by a demon

that many still refuse to accept or acknowledge.

Behind the echoes of laughter and makeup

of our most prolific clowns

there can exist a sadness so deep and profound

as to be beyond tears reach.

Behind any door standing just out of our view

could be a beast called depression laying in wait

to steal the laughter from our ears and the joy from our hearts.