Masterpiece Undefined

On a dusty easel at a yard sale
awaiting a best offer from a patron
sat a severely damaged oil painting
of a very lovely young woman.
Her beautiful frame was fractured and separated at the corners.
She was shamefully abused by some and neglected by others.
She had been colored on by boys, who did not know her worth,
and stored in a damp garage as if she were of no value to anyone.

Everyone passed her by offering no more than a casual glance
except for one old man who had a passion for restoring fine art.
The man stared intently at the battered and abused painting
wondering how a unique piece of art like her got to this place.
With the gentlest of touch, he lifts the painting off the easel
still staring at the portrait, but tilting his head first left then right
wondering if he can restore this beauty to her original splendor.
Yes, that captivating smile, those alluring ocean blue eyes,
and the unbreakable spirit behind them speak to my soul,
so I must try to do what all others have deemed impossible.

No beautiful lady in oil you may never be worth a fortune,
or hang in a museum to be adorned by millions of people,
but you will always be worth one man’s time and effort
for his eyes can only see the masterpiece you could be.