Hurt Blind Heart

Stay away!
I am broken
I can’t be fixed
Don’t waste your time
I am not worth it
Go away! I just want to die.

Why do you care?
No one else does
No one ever has
Some have pretended to care
just to use me and hurt me later
Go away! I just want to die.

You shouldn’t love me in any way
You’re a crayon toting kind of crazy
I will shatter your foolish heart
I am a freaking soul crushing bitch
I do not deserve to be loved
Go away! I just want to die.

No, I do not believe you
You can’t be for real
I’ll keep pushing you away
until you give up on me
I’ll keep hurting you
until you’re reeling in pain
Go away! I just want to die.

You old fool don’t you dare cry
I wasn’t your lover
I wasn’t your daughter
I never really mattered to you
You never really cared for me
Go away! I am dead.

When you had fallen, I tried to pick you up
When you were sad, I tried to make you laugh
When you cried, I offered my shoulder
When you hurt, I tried to ease the pain
When you needed me, you knew I’d be there
Today I cry not for the woman who never knew her true worth,
but for the hurt blind heart that never saw how much I cared.