Deadly Illusions

Wake Up My Children!  Wake Up!

A creature of many faces stalks you,

A human chameleon devoid of soul,

He hides not in the shadowy corner,

But among you, under the unwary eye.

Do not be fooled by this great pretender

A white hat may adorn his head,

But blackness fills his vacant heart.


Be wise my children!  Beware!

He’s the crown prince of trickery.

He’s the grand master of disguise.

This creature can masquerade in godly robes

while writhing painfully under their holiness

Evil can spout the prophetic words of a tribune

while the lie festers under his tongue.

He’s a true disciple of the damned.


Wake up my children!  Wake up!

Do not be mesmerized by this alluring creature.

With his apparent straight talk and honesty

He can make you a mindless believer.

But he’s a liar and a charlatan.

He hides behind a wall of illusion,

Preying on the fears of the ignorant

And captivating the ears of the innocent