The Teacher

O Teacher! My Teacher!

I would dare to channel a master just for you.

I know not if I am up to this lofty task,

but it is to your expectation that I try to rise.

You never asked for anymore than my best

and I love you for never demanding any less.

O Teacher! My Teacher!

If you had not opened a locked door,

the engulfing rays of enlightenment

may never have caressed my yearning face,

or held me tightly in her awakening embrace

releasing the song desperately trapped in my soul.

O Teacher! My Teacher!

You always said I had a great gift.

If that is true, I heap all praise on you.

You have the most wonderful offering of all

for within you rested the ability to recognize

the potential now flowing freely under my pen.

O Teacher! My Teacher!

I will forever hold you in the highest esteem.

I am not certain if mere words could ever express

the appreciation I have long held for your guiding hand.

Undaunted by the impossible task now in front of me,

this student will once again try to impress his teacher.