Heart Arresting Beauty

Discretion tells me I should turn my eyes away,

but with mouth agape I cannot help but gaze

upon the heart arresting beauty now before me.

Why does she not shy away or attempt to conceal

the ravishing  bouquet of her all from my stare?

How could she not notice me just standing there?

Does she not see me or does she simply not care?

She’s a vision sightless eyes would yearn to see,

a goddess beyond the scope of  man’s conception.

Her flowing sparkling auburn hair whispers

eloquently to her beauty in the warm breeze

occasionally hiding one of a huge pair of

opulent all to consuming brown eyes.

Her visually captivating voluptuous body

would anguish a master Renaissance artist

for no brush strokes or mixture of oils

could quite capture the essence of her design.

Those perfectly shaped succulent milky white…

Oh!  Why does that accursed demon’s tormenting ring

always awaken me just before I get to the best part.