Remember My Love…

Oh John! My John!

How my heart longs

to see your kind eyes,

to look upon that boyish smile,

and hear that booming laugh.

I yearn to have your body next to mine

to feel the comfort of your loving embrace,

to have your strong arms wrapped around me,

and to hear the sound of your reassuring voice.

Like the scent of you in our home,

the pain of your loss still lingers.

My heart will always ache for you

for our love was without boundaries.

Oh Mary! My Mary!

How I wish I could be there

to touch your beautiful face,

to wipe away all your tears,

to erase your every fear.

I wish I had the chance

to tell you how much I love you,

to kiss you as if I knew it were the last,

and wrap you in my arms like never before.

I would walk away from heaven’s gate

just to gaze at your lovely face

and lock you in a never-ending embrace.

My Love! My Mary!